River City Martial Arts & Fitness Centre was founded by head coach/owner Dan Hunia. In March 2014 the club started in a garage up on Durie Hill of Whanganui with only a 5m by 7.5m mat set up and only teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Away from town and in a hidden street it took a few months before members started joining. By the end of 2014 the club had a few handfuls of kids and adults training consistently which meant we needed to shift.



In January of 2015 the club had found an old town hall situated on Tawa St of Gonville, Whanganui, NZ. With a good sand down few coats of paint and and some hearty cleaning, the club shifted in a couple months later in March.



July of 2016 the club shifted again to where we are currently located, the Tupho Community Complex. The D block building of the complex needed some TLC but with a bit of team work it cleaned up nicely. Currently situated in the old Polytech woodwork building, the club continues to grown on many levels with Juniors, Seniors, and Advanced Kids Jiu Jitsu classes, Adults Fundamentals,  Intermediate, Colour Belt, and Competition Jiu Jitsu classes, also MMA (mixed martial arts) Fundamental & Fighter classes, with Group Fitness classes on the way, Local Striking talents coming in and taking Adult Striking classes, and much more to come as we keep growing.